Multiflex Water Supply System

Vullings Systemen has many years of experience in watering systems for mushroom growing, based on our specially developed spray arm with a horizontal spray pattern and optimum water distribution. We also developed our own spraying lorry and a cable-operated pulling system, both equipped with the unique spray arms, but were convinced that further improvements could be achieved in terms of optimised water use and efficient watering.

Extensive research resulted in the Multiflex Water Supply System (WSS), a new total watering concept for the mushroom sector in which optimised water distribution using the spray arms is combined with measurement data and a maintenance programme. This system optimises yield and water consumption.

This total concept comprises:

  • a fully automated watering system with a perfect distribution of water thanks to a specially developed spray arm;
  • on-site installation of the system;
  • implementation of the system in your organisation, including training your staff in the fields of water management and watering optimisation;
  • our serVice box, which contains a user's manual, service contracts and spare parts;
  • a tailor-made maintenance and service programme.

​More information about Multiflex WSS: