Our flexible watering system can be adjusted at your request to meet the requirements of almost any mushroom bed/tray situation. The watering system offers many features:

Quality improvements

  • The patented spray arm creates a horizontal spray pattern which gives perfect water distribution and dosage, and can also be used in tray cultivation or areas with little space between the mushroom beds;

  • The automatic watering system ensures that there is uniform overlapping everywhere. The water reaches the edges of the beds on the other side, ensuring that the vertical edges are also uniformly watered with minimum loss of water;
  • The spray trees are made entirely of durable stainless steel and the spray arms of nickel-plated brass, ensuring a very high level of corrosion resistance and a long service life. 

Labour and energy-savings

  • The system is fully automatic, based on pre-set times and volumes. This reduces your workload and gives you peace of mind where watering is concerned;
  • The flexible distribution system makes it possible to adjust the water distribution to meet your specific needs;
  • The spray trees are suspended from the side of the bed, where they can easily be visually inspected to check the spray pattern and/or find blocked nozzles;
  • The system is easy to use because the spray trees are suspended along the sides of the beds. As a result, they do not in any way hamper harvesting. (the system is suitable for manual or mechanical harvesting);
  • All sensitive parts, such as the motor-reductor and electronic components, are installed outside the humid growing rooms. This guarantees many years of reliable operation.

Modern control system

  • Vullings Systemen has developed its own control system which allows the watering system to be controlled and monitored locally or remotely, e.g. from a smartphone and/or tablet;
  • The control system can also be integrated into other control systems;
  • Made from high-quality industrial components with a straightforward and user-friendly operating system;
  • High level of mechanical safety.