Vullings Systemen has many years of experience in watering systems for mushroom growing, based on our specially developed spray arm with a horizontal spray patteren and optimum water distribution.

Our options:

Automatic watering system (cable operated pulling system)

A watering system which can be fully automated, suitable for manual or mechanical harvesting.

The benefits:

  • Save expensive time
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Better supervision
  • Reliable
  • Long service life

Manual watering systems

In addition to the fully automated watering system, the Vullings Systemen range also includes manually operated watering systems, namely spraying lorries and mobile spraying units. The spray arms used are the same as those used in the fully automatic system. Perfect water distribution is therefore guaranteed. The difference is that the spray trees are mounted in a lorry or mobile spraying unit which the user has to move along the beds or trays.

Watering equipment

Increased production and savings in costs

  • Water supply units
  • Reservoirs
  • Watering/wetting:
    • manual (lorry /mobile spraying unit)
    • mobile (semi-automatic)
    • fixed system per growing room (fully automatic)​

Water treatment

Everything centrally controlled

  • Complete water purification and softening
  • Dosing equipment

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