Remote control and monitoring

September 26, 2018

If you enter ‘Japan’ and ‘Mushrooms’ as search criteria in Google, the result is a whole host of delicious exotic mushrooms, of which shiitake is the most familiar. But white button mushrooms are also grown in Japan.

We recently completed another Vullings Water Supply System project to help grow this fabulous super food on a farm close to the city of Kobe. The complete project was realised in cooperation with Mush Comb and includes our own, hypermodern Vullings control system. This system enables the user – 24/7 and from every location – to monitor the WSS using an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. Data such as how much water has been sprayed and when can be read out, and this information used to set the volume and time of the following irrigation session. With today’s ever-increasing levels of digitisation, this app is an absolute must for real time monitoring of the processes on mushroom farms.

Keen to learn more about the options offered by Vullings control systems? Please contact Jan Arts at or by phone: +31(0)77 398 2235. 

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