Vullings and Netafim/Revaho agree collaboration

December 16, 2016

"Watering systems complement one another perfectly"

Passion for watering. It is this passion that brought Vullings Systemen and Netafim/Revaho round the table. After the success of the Mushroom Days trade show, Netafim/Revaho considered Vullings Systemen an ideal partner for supporting the company in realising new projects. Both companies are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration, which will likely generate further opportunities. After all, both watering systems complement one another perfectly.

Netafim/Revaho has years of expertise in irrigation watering systems for the horticultural sector. Over the past year, the company has expanded its expertise to encompass the mushroom growing industry. Netafim/Revaho developed a drip irrigation system that is placed in the mushroom casing soil. Netafim/Revaho first introduced its drip irrigation system during the Mushroom Days trade show in the Netherlands, in June earlier this year. The introduction during the Mushroom Days was a success, with the presentation leading to many enthusiastic reactions and orders.

Vullings Systemen also came into contact with Netafim/Revaho and was fascinated by the results achieved with their drip irrigation system. When Netafim/Revaho was seeking a partner that could support the company in realising potential new projects, it quickly entered into collaboration with Vullings Systemen. Both companies share a passion for watering. According to John Hermans of Vullings Systemen, this makes the collaboration all the more interesting: “The drip irrigation system designed by Netafim/Revaho and the Multiflex WSS system designed by Vullings Systemen complement one another perfectly and may be of great interest to growers of mushrooms intended for the fresh market: The Vullings Water Supply System is ideal for watering during mycelium growth and the Netafim/Revaho drip irrigation system is ideal for watering when the mushrooms appear on the casing soil and require water for further growth.” The first projects are now being realised in close cooperation. Vullings Systemen and Netafim/Revaho are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

View this link for a Dutch mushroom grower’s experience with the Neatfim/Revaho drip irrigation system. 

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